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My name is Pásztor Tamás, I was born in Budapest in 1962. After finishing my studies I toured with my guitar first in Hungary then Europe. In 1989 I became a life guard in Israel where I also studied to be a chiropractor. From that point wherever I traveled I contacted other chiropractor specialists and we exchanged our knowledges. In 2OO6 I went to Thailand to learn more then I started to treat athletes from several sport clubs in Budapest. My technique is a unique mixture of all the best techniques I studied abroad and at home. I was raised to be a maximalist, I always strive to be the best. My treatment always starts with a conversation. We try to find out the sources of the problem then I let the patient know what I am going to do and why. Most of the times I start to treat the back and the shoulder problems asking the patient to sit on a chair then I continue fixing the position of the hips on a bed (which is usually out of place. ) In this way the patient's body can stay in harmony. My speciality is treating and healing the sciatica, the lumbago and the neck problems. My treatment doesn't hurt, it actually feels good because I realign your skeletal structure. Huge results can be accomplished due to the improved chiropractor techniques and my 2O years of experience in this profession. In my spare time I play guitar in a professional event band, this completes my life.

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Pásztor Tamás
Telefonszám: +36 70 / 38-42-717

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